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Most employees have heard of workers’ compensation but might not know what it means or how it applies to their situations. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault benefits program that offers compensation for medical costs and lost wages as they relate to work-related injuries. So, if you are hurt on the job or develop an occupational illness, you should not have pay a dime for medical treatment. If you are unable to work for a period of time because of your injury, you should be offered wage replacement payment for a portion of your regular rate.

Unfortunately, that is not always how the system operates. Employers may deny that the accident occurred at work. The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier may unjustly delay your claim. Your supervisor may incorrectly classify you as an independent contractor.

When you have hit barriers to obtaining proper workers’ compensation benefits, speak to a lawyer at Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law. Our skilled, experienced and aggressive Chattanooga workers’ compensation attorneys help injured employees like you obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

To what benefits am I entitled?

The benefits available to employees harmed by workplace injuries in Tennessee are:

  • Medical treatment. Your medical expenses are to be completely covered by your company’s workers’ compensation insurances. This coverage includes doctors’ visits, ER and hospital visits, plus the cost of prescriptions and medical devices (such as crutches).
  • Temporary disability benefits. If you are unable to work as the result of your accident, you can collect temporary disability benefits, which begins the eighth day of disability. If the disability lasts 14 days or more, you will receive benefits dating back to the first day of disability. Temporary disability benefits are usually two-thirds of your average weekly wages. You may be able to collect disability benefits if you can work, but your weekly wage is reduced because of the injury.
  • Permanent disability benefits. If you are permanently injured — either partially or totally — you could qualify for permanent disability benefits. This determination is made after you have received maximum medical improvement.
  • Death benefits. If an employee dies from serious work-related injuries, his or her dependents may be able to collect death benefits. This includes compensation for funeral expenses and lost wages. The amount of compensation depends on how many dependents are left behind and the deceased’s income. Our attorneys can help you with these devastating claims.

Almost all employees in the private sector are entitled to workers’ compensation, regardless of whether they were at fault for the accident. If you shared some of the blame for your injuries, it does not preclude you from receiving benefits. Whether you are hurt on a construction site, are exposed to toxic chemicals in an industrial center, were hit by a falling object or slipped on water – or sustained an injury in any way while in the course of your duties, come see us, and we will help you with the next steps.

Time limits for filing a claim

You only have 15 days to report a work injury to your supervisor. This means you have 15 days from the date of the accident or 15 days from when a doctor told you that your injury was work-related to tell your boss. You should tell your supervisor about the injury right away to avoid delaying your claim.

If you experience roadblocks, you may consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. As your consultation is free, you have nothing to lose by at least learning more from a lawyer. We invite you to learn more:

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