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When Should I Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney

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Why You Want Experienced Chattanooga Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Almost eight decades of respected advocacy for work injury victims

When injured on the job, most workers have numerous questions and concerns. Can I afford medical treatment? How will I pay my household bills? What is the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits? When should I seek legal help? Can I change doctors? What happens when the workers’ compensation carrier is playing games? Should I contact a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer?

At Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers, our Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers explain your right to compensation, review your benefits, file and pursue your claim, negotiate when insurance companies are fair, and try your case before a hearing officer when insurance companies are unreasonable. We work with your treating doctors and our network of doctors and vocational experts when necessary.

How do we help show you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Chattanooga?

Our Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers focus on the following basics which should show that you do have a right to Tennessee worker’s compensation benefits.

  • Job status. We review your employment status to confirm that you are an employee. We challenge employers who say you are an independent contractor. Even when an employer pays you by a 1099 and says you are a contractor, you may be an employee if your employer controls your work performance.
  • Scope of your employment. We show that your injury is work-related. We review your job tasks and how they benefit your employer. Workers who are injured while away from the main office, on the road, or even working remotely are often entitled to workers’ compensation because they were still working to help their employer.
  • Injuries and illness due to your work. Our Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers work with your treating doctors to show that your injuries or illness were caused by a workplace accident or due to workplace conditions.
  • Prompt notice. We review when you told your employer (or anyone in authority) about your injury or illness. We follow up on this notice by promptly filing your formal workers’ compensation claim.
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How do you show your need for extended medical care?

We consult with your physicians about many issues including the following:

  • Your health status. We review your diagnosis, your prognosis, the type of medical care you’ll need, what physical and emotional limitations you may have, and all other relevant aspects of your medical care. We review the medical reports your physician prepares to see if additional information is needed. We also discuss your case with your doctor before any depositions or hearings so the doctor will address the relevant healthcare issues. If you have an occupational illness, we work to show your illness is due to your work.
  • Independent medical exams. We place your healthcare front and center. This means when your employer asks for independent medical exams, we examine whether the IME is necessary or just an attempt to terminate your benefits. We explain what happens at the IME so you know what to expect.
  • Your right to change doctors. Workplace injury victims are normally treated by company-approved doctors. If the company doctor is not helping, we review your right to be treated by another doctor.
  • Nurse case managers. We also explain when employers can use nurse case managers, and what those nurse case managers can and cannot do.
  • Permanent disability status. Our lawyers are skilled at working with your doctors when it is time to determine if you have a permanent disability and the severity (impairment level) of the disability.
  • Functional capacity exams. We’ll also explain when you may need to have a functional capacity exam to determine if you can return to work with restrictions.

In what other ways do you help Chattanooga employees obtain their workers’ compensation benefits?

Our work injury lawyers fight for workers in a variety of ways.

  • When insurance companies refuse to negotiate in good faith, we work aggressively to have your case heard by a Tennessee workers’ compensation judge, and to address any financial losses you have due to bad faith.
  • If an employer fires you or treats you adversely at work because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, we may file a retaliation claim on your behalf.
  • If defective products such as tools, equipment, or machinery caused your injuries, we may file a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Most employers understand the danger of forcing workers back to work too soon. They should understand the inherent dangers of the jobs that their workers perform. Some employers and their insurance companies try to play hardball to get you to deny your claim or limit how much you receive. That’s where our lawyers help. We work with you, your doctors, and other witnesses when necessary to show why you are entitled to benefits, how much those benefits should be, and how much your claim should settle for. We understand when defenses have merit and when an insurance company isn’t trying to wear you down.

Do you have a worksite injury lawyer near me?

Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers maintains an office at 701 Market Street, Suite 310, in Chattanooga. If you are too injured to travel, we can schedule a phone or video conference, or make an in-hospital visit.

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Since 1945, our skilled Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers have helped numerous workers obtain the just settlements and awards they deserve. At Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent clients in Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN, and all the surrounding counties. Contact us as soon as you are injured or become seriously ill. Call us now or complete our contact form to schedule a free confidential consultation.