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Chattanooga Wills Attorneys

Chattanooga Probate Attorneys Help Litigate and Administer Wills

Having a legal advisor can help facilitate probate process

After a loved one or family member passes away, the grieving process can sometimes be overshadowed by worries about the legal issues surrounding a will. Perhaps the probate undertaking becomes too complex, or the will itself appears legally flawed. This is when the assistance of a Chattanooga probate attorney is invaluable. A lawyer can overcome legal challenges, allowing families time to together to focus on healing.

Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law was founded in Chattanooga in 1945.  As a part of the community, we have served our clients with integrity and dependability. Our clients have the security of working directly with us, not a staff member or paralegal. As local residents and attorneys, we know local and federal law, and we prioritize the creation of long-term relationships with our clients. We help with drafting wills, creating trusts, settling disputes, and probate administration.

When is disputing a will appropriate?

You cannot contest a will simply on the basis of not agreeing with its terms. However, there are specific circumstances when there is suspicion that the will was written with outside influence or was written under duress.

Question to consider include:

  • Was the will-writer in possession of his or her full mental faculties at the time when the will was written?
  • Does the will seem to unfairly favor or exclude one child over others?
  • Is it possible that the will was written while the writer was being unduly influenced by another party, possibly to that person’s benefit?
  • Is there a suspicion of outright fraud or forgery of the will?

You may need to dispute a will through litigation. The intention during will litigation is not to discredit the deceased, or create drama. Instead, it is to more fairly allocate possessions, in keeping with the will-writer’s best plan.

Chattanooga probate lawyers can also guide families through probate

Even the most punctiliously written and scrupulously fair will is still required to undergo the probate process. This includes:

  • Identifying an executor or executors, if one was not named in the will
  • Publishing notice in local news outlets
  • Surveying and inventorying all applicable assets and properties
  • Payment of any debts or bill still outstanding
  • Following the will’s guidance for assigning new ownership of properties and bequests
  • Closing the estate

The entire process can be extremely lengthy and frustrating, and when issues do arise, it can stretch on interminably. A probate attorney, such as the ones at Wagner & Wagner, can use his or her experience with the probate system to assist and expedite the process.

Contact a reputable, dependable Chattanooga probate attorney today

At Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law, we have seven decades of experience with the law and in the community to bring to bear on the issues faced by our clients and their families, during some of the most difficult periods of their lives. We help honest people solve honest problems. If you or a family member has any questions about probate or wills, speak with an experienced probate lawyer at 423-756-7923 or complete our contact form. We also offer legal services to clients in Chattanooga, Cleveland, and all surrounding areas.