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Past Legal Verdicts and Settlements by Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers

Past Settlements

Chattanooga, Tennessee and Dalton, Georgia and the Surrounding Counties

  • John C. Stewart v. La-Z-Boy, Rhea Co. Chancery Court – $110,000.00
  • David Janow v. La-Z-Boy, Rhea Co. Chancery Court – $97,335.00
  • Linda Meadows v. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Supreme Court, Tennessee – $250,800.00
  • Glenda Rothberger et al v. Cincinnati Ins, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Tenn – $530,000.00
  • Rex Brown v. Associated Ins. Co, Marion Co. Chancery Court – $190,000.00
  • Brenda Flatt v. La-Z-Boy, Rhea Co. Chancery Court – $79,122.60
  • Wurdack v. ING Financial, Hamilton Co. Chancery Court – confidential settlement
  • O’Leary v. Hall, Tenn. Court of Appeals – landmark case on land subdivision
  • Larry Howard, M.D. v. Cornerstone Medical, Hamilton Co.Chancery Court – landmark case in workers’ comp
  • Victor Lund v. Bob Pawlick, Blount Co. Circuit Court – $100,000.00
  • Eddie Burns v. Rex Allen Masonry, Rhea Co. Chancery Court – $86,331.00
  • Donald L. Shoemake v. Talley Construction Co. Inc., Hamilton Co. Chancery Court – $247,615.00
  • Jordan Victoria Atterton b/n/f/ et al v. Mills Pride, et al., Federal District Court, Chattanooga – $500,000.00
  • Peggy Wallace v. Nicholas R. Booth, et al, Hamilton Co. Circuit Court – $75,000.00
  • Brandon Bingamon v. Bulkmatic Transport Co., Hamilton Co. Circuit Court – $89,000.00
  • Terry Hodges v. Lucky “B” Mfg., White Co. Circuit Court – $132,500.00
  • James Jackson v. City of South Pittsburgh, Marion Co. Chancery Court – $125,000.00
  • Nichols et al v. Irene Alexander et al., Rhea Co. settlement – $142,000.00
  • Kimberly Lockhart, et al v. Fred Rhodes, et al, Blount Co. Circuit Court – $375,000.00
  • Kevin Atkins v. State of Tennessee, State of Tenn. Claims Commission – $75,000.00