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What the Trucker Pilot Program Means for Truck Accidents

Recently there has been a trucker shortage and everyone across the country has suffered. Deliveries of goods have been delayed and the empty shelves are a clear sign of the trucker shortage. A new pilot program aims to change that but not without controversy. The White House has also weighed in and helped fast-track this…

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The Dangers of a Trucker Shortage

Truck drivers have a big job to do. Each day they transport goods all across the country. This can be anything from groceries to fuel. However, the trucking industry is taking a big blow currently as they are facing a trucker shortage.  There are many possible culprits behind the trucker shortage and the topic is…

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What Evidence Shows You Are Not At-fault for a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are quite different from the standard passenger car to passenger car crashes because of the massive weight and size of the trucks involved. These accidents generally cause more serious injuries and often result in death. In addition, federal regulations governing truck drivers and trucking companies apply to legal action stemming from these accidents.…

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