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Thousands of Chevrolet Bolt Vehicles Recalled

While recalls are common in the automobile industry, there seems to be a pattern forming with the number of car manufacturing companies issuing recalls for electric vehicle models. General Motors (GM) recently issued a full recall of the Chevy Bolt, citing a defect in the battery module that could potentially cause a fire. To date,…

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Peloton Treadmills Are Deadly Dangerous

During the pandemic, Peloton machines became a popular way to get exercise without leaving your home. Although Peloton has been around for some time, they did not begin to sell treadmills until 2018. The at-home cycling classes were a contributing factor in Peloton’s rise in popularity. The spike was evident when the company reported its…

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How Corporations Avoid Liability When Products Fail

We are living in a time of unprecedented technological advances. Everywhere we look, the most ordinary of items are getting upgraded to be faster, more convenient, and all around smarter. Of course, the purpose of this is simply to make the lives of others easier for a profit, but as is the case with anything…

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Are There Lemon Laws for Used Cars in Tennessee?

Lemons laws are in place throughout the country to protect car buyers from vehicles that have defective parts, or simply don’t operate effectively as they should. Lemon laws, however, do not apply to owners of used cars. This means that if you are injured because of a defective car part in the used vehicle, you…

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