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Why Are Rural Roads So Dangerous?

It’s easy to assume that fewer accidents happen on rural roads than urban roads. There is generally less traffic on rural roads. Many highways pass through urban areas because the urban areas are where the most people are. Highways often have more lanes of traffic and more bumper-to-bumper traffic which creates more ways cars can…

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Brighter Headlights Are Causing More Car Accidents

Every driver knows that car lights are essential to driving at night. Chattanooga drivers should also understand that using the car’s bright lights often requires balances. Many rural roads and country roads aren’t well-lit, which makes seeing difficult. It can be especially hard to see when it is foggy or rainy. The balance is that…

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Headlights Are Getting Dangerously Brighter

If you have ever been blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights, you may have wondered if they are getting brighter. They are, and they may be partly to blame for making our roads more dangerous after dark. According to the National Safety Council, Americans only do 25% of our driving at night. And yet,…

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How Safe Is Your New Car if a Drone Can Hack It?

You may have seen the video of a Tesla Model 3 being remotely hacked by a drone flying over the car. This started when the Pwn2Own2020 hacking competition canceled the automotive portion of the competition due to concerns related to the coronavirus. Some researchers decided to keep the momentum going and continue with their own…

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