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Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Appellee Client at Oral Arguments at Summer Conference

The 2024 Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference will be held in Murfreesboro this year, and will offer a number of panels and presentations for attendees. It will also include an actual oral argument in front of the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board – the only case on the docket for argument in front of the…

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Can You Contest a Will if the Estate Is Divided Unevenly?

People draft wills to ensure that their estates are divided the way they wish. A will also informs their family members about who will get what when it comes to their assets and belongings. When there are several children or grandchildren involved, it typically takes a lot of thought and careful consideration when creating this…

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Workers’ Compensation for Permanent Nerve Damage

Workers can suffer nerve damage due to an accident, any type of trauma, repetitive stress, and other causes. Some nerve damage can cause a partial or complete inability to use or move the part of the body that includes that nerve. Nerve damage can also limit a worker’s strength. Nerves that tear, bruise, or stretch…

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