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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Apr 24, 2018

Pursuing a Claim Against an Estate with Probate Litigation

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When someone passes away in Tennessee, the estate typically goes into probate, the process where claims against the estate are handled. These claims can arise from any reason—inheritance disputes, or wills that may have been executed under undue influence from a beneficiary. Creditors of the deceased might also file a claim after their estate has gone into probate. Probate, simplified The court's process for handling a deceased person's estate is called probate. This multi-step process begins with proving the will—if one exists—is valid. Once the will is proven to be valid, [...]

Apr 17, 2018

Injuries in the Manufacturing Industry and Tennessee Workers’ Comp

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Chattanooga is located in a strategic region here in Tennessee, and has gained national recognition for its contributions to the manufacturing industry. We employ thousands of workers in a variety of businesses, helping to grow our diverse economy. Unfortunately, an accident on the job can change your future in the blink of an eye. Workers' compensation laws were created to protect you in the event of an injury at work. When you're hurt and need to focus on healing, you shouldn't have to worry about medical bills and lost wages. Here's [...]

Apr 3, 2018

Why Your Estate Might Be Subject to Probate Litigation

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When someone dies in Tennessee, their assets and obligations are typically handled in one of two ways. If the decedent prepared a valid will, then the terms and provisions of the will control who will handle the estate and what cash or property the beneficiaries will get. If the person who died did not leave a will, then the intestate laws of testate control the distribution. In most cases, the spouse and children will get their share of the assets after the debts of the decedent and the taxes are paid. [...]

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