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Drunk Driving Accidents

Chattanooga Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Chattanooga Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Help from our Chattanooga drunk driving accident attorneys after you are injured by a drunk driver

When someone gets behind the wheel and makes the choice to drink and drive, everyone on the road is in danger – including you and your loved ones. In the aftermath of a drunk driving accident, the repercussions can be devastating and far-reaching. Lives are shattered, families torn apart, and futures altered forever. At Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers, our drunk driving accident lawyers are here to help if you’ve suffered harm in a drunk driving accident that wasn’t your fault. We are here to fight tirelessly for the compensation to which you are entitled.

Statistics about drunk driving

Drunk driving, also known as driving under the influence (DUI), refers to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. When a person consumes alcohol or drugs, their ability to operate a vehicle safely becomes compromised, leading to impaired judgment, slower reaction times, decreased coordination, and reduced motor skills. recently reported that Tennessee is one of the worst states in the country for drunk driving. They note that:

Based on the Forbes Advisor report released last week, 26.75% of traffic deaths in the Volunteer State are caused by drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08%. In addition, for every 100,000 drivers in Tennessee, there are 362.11 arrests for driving under the influence and 5.53 drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes.

Further, the NHTSA states that about 37 people die in drunk driving car accidents every day – that’s about one person every 39 minutes. “In 2021, 13,384 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths — a 14% increase from 2020. These deaths were all preventable.”

The NHTSA also notes that “it’s illegal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher, except in Utah where the BAC limit is .05.”

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Chattanooga

What types of injuries can happen from Chattanooga drunk driving accidents?

Drunk driving accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, varying in severity depending on factors such as the speed of the vehicles involved, the type of collision, whether seat belts were worn, and the presence of safety features like airbags. Some common types of injuries that can occur in drunk driving accidents include:

  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries: These are among the most common injuries in car accidents, but can have very serious consequences, caused by the sudden jerking motion of the head and neck upon impact.
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises: These injuries can result from broken glass, impact with objects inside the vehicle, or contact with the road or other surfaces.
  • Head and brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions, and skull fractures can occur when the head strikes objects inside the vehicle or the vehicle itself during a collision.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These can lead to paralysis, loss of sensation, and impaired bodily functions, depending on the location and severity of the injury.
  • Broken bones and fractures: The force of a collision can cause bones to break or fracture, including arms, legs, ribs, and the pelvis.
  • Internal injuries: Damage to internal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, and lungs can occur due to blunt force trauma from the impact.
  • Burns: In accidents where vehicles catch fire or explode, occupants can suffer burns ranging from minor to severe.
  • Psychological trauma: Beyond physical injuries, survivors of drunk driving accidents may experience emotional distress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

These injuries can have long-lasting effects, affecting your quality of life, ability to work, and relationships with others. In some cases, injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents can be fatal, resulting in the loss of life.

What is the value of my Chattanooga drunk driving accident?

The value of a drunk driving accident claim depends on various factors, including:

  • The severity of injuries sustained in the accident, medical expenses incurred, and the impact of injuries on your life.
  • If you were unable to work due to injuries sustained in the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages.
  • Compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and psychological trauma caused by the accident.
  • Damage to your vehicle or other property as a result of the accident.
  • In cases of drunk driving accidents, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault driver for their reckless behavior and to deter others from engaging in similar conduct.

To determine the value of your drunk driving accident claim in Chattanooga, it's best to consult with a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case based on its specific circumstances, including the factors mentioned above.

Who is liable for my Chattanooga drunk driving accident?

In a Chattanooga drunk driving accident, liability typically falls on the individual who was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. This means that the drunk driver is generally held responsible for any damages and injuries resulting from the accident.

However, liability in such cases can sometimes extend beyond just the driver. Here are a few scenarios where additional parties might be held liable:

  • Tennessee has regulations known as dram shop laws that hold establishments like bars, restaurants, and liquor stores liable for serving alcohol to individuals who are visibly intoxicated or underage. If it can be proven that a bar or other establishment continued to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated or underage person who later caused a drunk driving accident, they may share liability for the damages.
  • Similar to dram shop laws, Tennessee also imposes social host liability, which can hold individuals who serve alcohol to guests liable for any damages caused by those guests if they become intoxicated and cause an accident. Our Chattanooga drunk driving accident attorneys can explain how these laws work.
  • If the drunk driver was operating a vehicle for work-related purposes at the time of the accident, their employer might share liability under certain circumstances. This could include situations where the employer knew or should have known about the employee's propensity to drink and drive, or failed to enforce policies against drunk driving.

Determining liability in a drunk driving accident can be complex and depends on the specific circumstances of the case. However, the injury attorneys at Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to assess the details of your accident and help determine who may be liable for your injuries and damages.

Do you have a Chattanooga drunk driving accident attorney near me?

Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers are located at 701 Market Street, Suite 310 in Chattanooga, right off Dallas Road. If you are unable to come to our offices due to your injuries, we can schedule a phone or video consultation or come visit you at home or in the hospital.

Our Chattanooga drunk driving lawyers protect your rights to compensation

If you or a loved one were injured in a drunk driving accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s important to talk to the Chattanooga attorneys at Wagner Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. We can work to ensure you secure compensation for your injuries, losses, and expenses, including compensation if you are no longer able to work at your job due to the harm suffered. To schedule a free consultation, call our Chattanooga offices or fill out our contact form today.