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Liability in Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

In 2015, online shopping giant Amazon launched a new offering called Amazon Flex. This program, similar in structure to rideshare gigs like Lyft and Uber, lets qualified individuals work as independent contractors and deliver Amazon packages to customers using their own trucks and vehicles. While this business model means faster delivery for customers and a…

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Who Is Liable in a Moving Truck Accident?

Rental moving trucks are not always as massive as commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers, but they are larger than standard passenger vehicles. Due to their size, they are more difficult to operate. However, there is no law that requires the drivers of these vehicles to undergo training or obtain a particular license to operate one…

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Underride Guards and Truck Accidents

According to the Government Accounting Office, about 219 people died each year, between 2008 and 2017, due to an underride truck crash. The GAO states the averages are probably low due to the ways statistics are kept on a state and federal level. What is an underride guard? Underrides are guards on the rear, front,…

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