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A Probate Litigation Attorney Can Help You Protect Vulnerable Family Members

Even when a will is outlined to the deceased person’s wishes, determining exactly how everything is distributed can be complicated. In certain circumstances, the guardianship rights of individuals may become the subject of contention and legal disputes due to concerns surrounding elder abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect. These situations involve vulnerable adults who may be…

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Is Money Considered Tangible Personal Property?

Thanks to movies and television, many people believe that leaving a will that says, “I leave my entire estate to XYZ” (or simply writing something down on a bar napkin) counts as a valid will. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the rules for wills and estate administration in Tennessee are very…

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What Is a Breach of Fiduciary Claim in Probate?

A breach of fiduciary claim can occur in probate when a personal representative or trustee fails to fulfill their legal duties and obligations to the beneficiaries of an estate or trust. A fiduciary is a person appointed to manage the assets of another person or entity, and is required to act in the best interests…

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