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What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the Manufacturing Industry?

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the Manufacturing Industry?Many Chattanooga residents work in the manufacturing industry. Some of these companies do everything possible to ensure that their employees’ working environments are safe and hazard-free, while others do not take the necessary precautions to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Overall, manufacturing is a dangerous industry. However, if employers take certain measures and follow the rules and guidelines put in place, manufacturing workers will be less likely to get hurt while on the job. If you are hurt working in the manufacturing industry, talk to a Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyer about your case.

The most dangerous jobs in the manufacturing industry

According to Glassdoor, some of the top manufacturing companies in Chattanooga are Whirlpool Corporation, PepsiCo, Mars, Volkswagen Group, Eaton, GE, Sherwin-Williams, Gestamp, Shaw Industries, and more. According to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the City has seen a growth of around 25 percent in manufacturing work over the last decade, making this industry the “largest contributor to job growth.”

While this is positive news for Chattanooga’s economy, it can also mean that more employees who work for these companies are at risk of serious injuries since manufacturing usually involves dangerous equipment, machinery, and products as well as extensive labor. Some of the fields and jobs considered the most dangerous in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Transportation equipment manufacturing: One of the most common types of manufacturing conducted by businesses throughout Chattanooga is transportation equipment manufacturing. Transportation equipment manufacturing workers typically spend their days fabricating plastic, metals, aluminum, glass, steel, and more. These employees have specific duties and jobs to help build and create various modes of transportation. Some people employed in this industry make parts for trucks, while others manufacture parts for airplanes or buses. A few jobs in this industry that may be considered dangerous include machinists, engineers, mechanics, assemblers, and welders.
  • Machinery manufacturing: Machinery manufacturers operate large and powerful machines. They work with metals, plastics, glass, fiberglass, aluminum, lead, carbon fibers, steel, rubber, and any other materials that need to be formed or shaped by machinery. Some common types of jobs in this field include technicians, mechanics, machine operators, and packaging operators. Machinery manufacturing jobs can be dangerous because they involve complex and powerful machinery that puts workers e at risk of being crushed or injured because of one simple error or mistake.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing: Another type of manufacturing work that is common in Chattanooga is food and beverage manufacturing. This type of work usually involves preparing, packaging, preserving, and transporting items that are meant to be consumed by customers. While this process may sound simple and easy, it involves using certain machines and chemicals, which can quickly put workers at risk of injuries. A few of the job titles that workers hold in this field are quality assurance manager, processing operator, food production worker, package manager, laboratory technician, and more.
  • Chemical manufacturing: The chemical manufacturing industry involves creating, producing, and handling hazardous chemicals that can cause burns to the skin, facial and eye injuries, organ and lung damage, long-term illnesses, and other serious health conditions. When developing and handling chemicals, employees must be trained to operate powerful machinery, use certain tools or equipment, and provided with the proper protective equipment s. If the machinery, tools, or protective equipment is defective, workers may become severely injured or exposed to toxic substances. Some common jobs in this field are chemical plant operator, chemical loading operator, laboratory technician, chemical packer, and chemical engineer.
  • Metal manufacturing: Those working in the metal manufacturing field bend, stamp, and cut numerous types of metal. This job involves heating the metal to high temperatures with powerful machinery. The most dangerous jobs in this field are metal fabricators, metal forming machine operators, welders, machine mechanics, and more.
  • Nonmetallic minerals manufacturing: Like metal manufacturing, those who work in the nonmetallic minerals manufacturing create and shape glass, plastic, cement, clay, gravel, and sand. This job requires using heat, machinery tools, and chemicals that can cause devastating injuries. A few common jobs in this field include minerals production technician, minerals operator, mineral production specialist, mechanical engineer, machinery operator, and welder.

If you or a family member suffered injuries while working in the manufacturing industry, Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law will provide comprehensive legal support. All employees deserve a safe and hazard-free environment during their working hours. If that is not provided, our lawyers will gladly step in and inform you of your legal options. If you are ready to work with a legal team who will seek compensation to help you rebuild your life after a workplace accident, call our office or complete our contact form today to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Chattanooga, North Georgia, and Cleveland for your convenience.