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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Nov 28, 2017

Sibling Rivalry and Probate Litigation: Familiarity Can Breed Contempt

By |November 28th, 2017|Probate|0 Comments

Whether you grew up with brothers and sisters, or have more than one child of your own, you know that sibling rivalry is fairly common. We have found that even the friendliest of siblings, however, can end up embroiled in arguments when it comes to inheritance disputes. This is especially true if there is no will, but it can happen when there is an estate plan in place, too. We have found that these are the more likely scenarios to lead to a will contest: There is economic disparity between the [...]

Nov 21, 2017

How Wrongful Death Cases Work in Tennessee

By |November 21st, 2017|Wrongful Death|0 Comments

Losing a loved one is always hard, but it can be even more tragic if that person was the victim of negligence. Under Tennessee law, the family of the recently deceased can file a wrongful death claim, through the civil justice system, in order to recover damages. We know that many families feel uncomfortable about the idea of a lawsuit, or fear they will be perceived in a poor light if they file one. We want you to know that these types of claims are common and legal, and that you [...]

Nov 17, 2017

Excellent News for Injury Victims in Tennessee with Medical Expenses

By |November 17th, 2017|Personal Injury|0 Comments

The Tennessee State Supreme Court came down on the side of justice, with its most recent decision not to overturn the law regarding what can be submitted for medical expenses in a personal injury case. This is truly excellent news, because it helps people who have been seriously injured, and who are facing high medical expenses as a result. The Chattanoogan reports “The Court held that Tennessee law continues to allow plaintiffs to use full, undiscounted medical bills to prove their medical expenses instead of the discounted amounts paid by insurance [...]

Nov 14, 2017

Common Car Crashes in Tennessee

By |November 14th, 2017|Car Accident|0 Comments

Sometimes, how a car crash happens determines how severe and catastrophic the injuries are. The way the cars collide can help determine who was at fault for the accident, which, in turn, can help victims obtain the compensation they need to get well. These are the most common types of car wrecks, and why they could lead to serious injuries, and: Rear-end collisions. Here, the damage is usually to the rear of the car in front and in the front bumper of the car that was at fault. Many rear-end accidents [...]

Nov 10, 2017

What You Should Know about the Hazards of Broadside Car Crashes

By |November 10th, 2017|Car Accident|0 Comments

Broadside collisions, also called T-bone crashes or side-impact crashes, are almost always the result of negligence. Unfortunately, broadside crashes are one of the most dangers types of motor vehicle crashes that can occur because the side of the vehicle lacks the protection of the crumple zones contained in the front and rear-end of the vehicle. Because the side of the vehicle is unable to absorb much energy from the impact of the oncoming vehicle, occupants can receive a significant portion of that impact causing serious injuries and fatalities. What are some [...]

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