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Rockwood, TN

Rockwood Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Attorneys

Rockwood Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Tough representation for workers and other personal injury victims in TN

Rockwood is a small town situated in Roane County, between Crossville and Knoxville. Although Rockwood is known for being a peaceful, small town, certain dramatic events can change the course of a resident’s life. A car accident, a collision with a truck or a work injury has the power to uproot your life, and make your family’s future uncertain. Though you may not want to speak to a lawyer, Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law assures you that even one conversation with a highly qualified attorney can make a huge difference in the course of events.

Trust our firm after an accident

Since 1934, Wagner & Wagner has represented clients injured by accidents involving:

  • Cars and motorcycles. Rockwood is located around Route 70, Route 29, Route 27 and Interstate 40. There are suburban as well as rural roads here—there is a large likelihood of being involved in a serious car accident or motorcycle accident. Securing legal representation after a motor vehicle collision allows you to pursue the at-fault driver for full compensation.
  • Trucks. Large commercial trucks often drive through the area, sometimes recklessly. Being hit by an 18-wheeler is terrifying, often leaving helpless drivers with traumatic brain injuries or other severe injuries. Dealing with a trucking company’s insurer is equally as frustrating. Having a lawyer helps immensely in these situations.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians. Biking down one of Rockwood’s beautiful roads or walking through town can turn into a nightmare if a motor vehicle hits you. Careless or distracted drivers may run through a crosswalk or drift into a bike lane while on the road, causing severe harm and life-threatening injuries.
  • Negligent property owners. Whether you slipped and fell on a wet surface in a grocery store or were assaulted in an unsafe building, premises liability laws allow injured victims to obtain compensation after they were harmed on someone else’s property. An attorney can explain how the law may apply in your case.
  • Defective products. Product liability law allows those injured by defective products to recover compensation. This includes a wide range of consumer products, from tainted food to harmful prescription drugs to faulty cribs and baby toys.
  • Nursing home abuse. There are many nursing homes in the greater Rockwood area, including The Bridge at Rockwood and Signature HealthCARE. While most of these facilities provide top-notch care, a negligent staff member can potentially abuse or neglect your loved one. If you suspect your elderly relative was harmed in a nursing home, obtain an attorney right away.
  • Work-related accidents. Rockwood has many industrial sites, including the water treatment plant for the Sauter Timber company, which all pose risk for injuries. From incurring burn injuries to RSD, serious workplace accidents can change your life forever. Workers’ compensation provides for medical care and lost wage replacement, as well as permanent disability benefits in certain instances. When receiving the benefits to which you are entitled becomes a struggle, legal help may be necessary.

Our firm also serves clients injured in boating and recreational accidents, as well as collisions involving buses and trains.

Representing Rockwood employees injured in work-related accidents

Rockwood has many different types of employers, including the water treatment plant for the Sauter Timber Company, the Roane Iron Company, hotels, stores, and other businesses. Workers are at risk for many different types of injuries and illnesses such as broken bones, spinal cord damage, back pain, burns, COPD, and other disorders. Our lawyers file workers’ compensation claims on behalf of employees and personal injury claims on behalf of contractors. If you’re an employee, you may be entitled to payment of all your medical bills, temporary disability wage benefits, and possibly permanent disability benefits. When receiving the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled becomes a struggle, legal help may be necessary.

Injured contractors may be entitled to personal injury damages. Families may be entitled to either workers’ compensation death benefits or wrongful death damages depending on the employment status of the worker.

Additional areas of practice

Wagner & Wagner does more than just personal injury. Our wide breadth of knowledge and vast legal experience allows us to assist clients with:

  • Wills
  • Probate administration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business law

Getting help in and around Rockwood

Located in Roane County, Rockwood is located off 1-40. It’s located 70 miles away from our main office in Chattanooga, so it is about an hour and 20-minute drive.

The Roane County Courthouse is located in Kingston, TN, but you will find the Rockwood City Courthouse at 110 N. Chamberlain Ave. If you need to reach the courthouse, call (865) 354-0611.

You should always report an accident or suspected criminal behavior to the police. Call (865) 354-3388 to get a hold of the Rockwood city police department.

Our seasoned personal injury lawyers work diligently for families across Rockwood

Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law houses a team of Rockwood injury attorneys dedicated to upholding justice for injury victims. We are a law firm that cares more about you and your family than just dollars and cents. For decades, we have helped residents of Rockwood and the surrounding areas heal after a serious accident. Let us help you. Call today at 423-756-7923 or complete our contact form to arrange a consultation.