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Ringgold, GA

Ringgold Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys

Ringgold Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys

Our knowledgeable lawyers provide Ringgold residents with top-notch service

Located merely 17 miles from Chattanooga and 15 miles from Dalton, GA, Ringgold is a small town that is centrally located to everything. The beautiful landscape and rich Civil War history make Ringgold an exciting destination for visitors and an enjoyable place to live for locals.

Anyone injured in an accident in Ringgold deserves professional, experienced legal assistance. Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law is a law firm that handles injury cases and a wide variety of other legal issues. We are trustworthy attorneys who want to provide the best possible representation to you and your family.

Our areas of practice

Wagner & Wagner’s varied and diverse practice is focused on the following types of cases:

  • Personal injury. We proudly represent patients dealing with serious injuries, such as burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries and more. We are not afraid to take on complicated cases involving catastrophic injuries and/or multiple parties—we are prepared to take on the challenge.
  • Car accidents. Whether you collided with a car on Route 41 or 76, I-75 or a local Ringgold road, you deserve excellent legal help after a car accident. You need attorneys who represent your best interests and care about the future of your family.
  • Truck accidents. Commercial truck accidents frequently lead to severe injuries in drivers of smaller vehicles. If you were injured, however, you may be afraid to tackle a legal claim against a large trucking company. That is where our firm comes in—we handle all the messy legal details so you focus on healing.
  • Motorcycle accidents. It is no surprise that motorcyclists are left much worse off than drivers of passenger cars after a collision. Bikers are mostly unprotected and vulnerable to spinal cord injuries, fractures and TBIs. You may need all the help you can get to ensure you obtain proper compensation after an accident.
  • Wrongful death. Losing a loved one is devastating under any circumstances. When that death is the result of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, the blow is even more difficult to stomach. Let our understanding attorneys help you obtain justice against the negligent parties.
  • Nursing home abuse. Abusing or neglecting an elderly resident in a nursing home is never to be tolerated. We believe in taking swift, decisive action against anyone who intentionally or negligently harms a patient in a nursing home.
  • Product liability. Dangerous and defective products cause thousands of injuries—and even deaths—every year in the U.S. To hold careless manufacturers and distributors accountable, product liability law allows consumers harmed by defective products to pursue compensation.
  • Premises liability. Property owners owe a duty of care to visitors and guests, including owners of public buildings and private residences. If an owner or manager fails to keep their property free of harm or fails to warn visitors of hazards and someone gets injured, the injured person may have cause for premises liability legal action.
  • Workers’ compensation. No one goes to work thinking they will become seriously injured. Workers’ compensation is supposed to be that safety net for injured workers, but unfair employers and insurance companies sometime put up impossible barriers to collecting benefits. An attorney will help if you are unjustly denied or delayed workers’ compensation payment.

Additionally, we help clients with:

  • Business law matters
  • Bankruptcy filings

Local information for Ringgold residents

As the county seat of Catoosa County, you will find several county courthouses in town at 875 Lafayette Street in downtown Ringgold. Those courts include Probate Court, Circuit Court, Superior Court, Magistrate Court and Juvenile Court.

Here is more helpful information for those dealing with injuries:

  • Local hospitals—Parkridge East Hospital in Chattanooga and Cornerstone Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe.
  • Ringgold City Police Department—150 Tennessee St, Ringgold, GA 30736. Their phone number is (706) 935-3066.
  • City Courthouse—150 Tennessee Street Ringgold, GA 30736 and the phone number is (706) 935-3061. 

Call a Ringgold, GA personal injury attorney to protect your best interests

How far is Ringgold from Chattanooga? Not far—in fact, only about 20 minutes by car. It’s an easy drive on I-75, making it simple for you to visit a Ringgold personal injury attorney from Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law. We provide honest and thorough consultations to prospective clients. Please phone our firm today at 423-756-7923 or complete a contact form.