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Dayton, TN

Dayton Tennessee Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Attorneys

Dayton Tennessee Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Effectively representing injured workers and individuals in TN

Dayton, TN is filled with hard working residents. Situated about 35 miles northeast of Chattanooga, this bustling manufacturing center produces such products as furniture, clothing, and automobile parts. The popularity of Chickamauga Lake makes it an attractive destination for nature lovers, fishing enthusiasts, and new residential development.

When the residents of Dayton, TN find themselves in need of legal assistance, Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law is ready and able to assist with a variety of legal services. From serious injuries to business related matters, locals and visitors trust our professional Dayton personal injury attorneys with their legal needs.

Providing honest representation for personal injury victims

At Wagner & Wagner, our skilled personal injury lawyers are based in Chattanooga and provide the people of Dayton, TN with personal injury representation built on skill, honesty, and integrity. Our clients receive treatment at top-notch medical facilities, including Rhea Medical Center. We help them secure the compensation they need to cover their mounting medical expenses.

If you have been injured by someone's negligence in Dayton, you can trust our lawyers to seek high-value compensation for injuries stemming from:

  • Vehicle crashes. Our experienced car accident lawyers have handled countless vehicle accidents throughout the last 70 years, including those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. If you were injured in a vehicle crash, you will likely be questioned by a member of the Dayton Police Department. Cooperate with law enforcement, but be sure to secure legal representation before speaking with an insurance company representative.
  • Collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists. Pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly susceptible to such serious injuries as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries when involved in a vehicle accident.
  • Mass transit and recreational vehicles. Mass transit accident claims often involve complex rules due to the involvement of a government agency. Our lawyers have the resources and knowledge to take on such cases, including those involving mass transportation through the Southeastern Tennessee Human Resource Agency.
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse. At Wagner & Wagner, we find nursing home neglect and abuse unconscionable. That is why we advocate for these innocent victims as if they were members of our own families.
  • Premises liability. A negligent property owner can cause severe injury to individuals who visit their premises. Whether you slipped and fell in a grocery store spill or experienced severe burns in a building fire, our professional premises liability attorneys fight for your rights.
  • Product liability. When defective products cause injury to trusting consumers, we aggressively pursue compensation from all responsible parties, including product designers, manufacturers and retailers.
  • Wrongful death. We understand the challenges that arise when families experience the wrongful death of a loved one. That is why we advocate to hold the responsible parties financially accountable for their actions.

Representing injured Dayton employees in workers’ compensation claims

Workers provide products for Dayton, the rest of Tennessee, and the world. We file workers’ compensation claims for Dayton employees who are injured while doing their jobs. There is no need to prove your employer was negligent. Common work injury benefits include payment of all your medical bills, temporary disability benefits (about 2/3 of your average weekly wage), and permanent disability benefits if you meet the state definition of being permanently disabled. Our lawyers work with your doctors to verify the serious long-term effects of your workplace injuries and the medical care you need. We fight the efforts of your employer’s insurance company to deny your claim or force you back to work while you’re still hurting.

Assisting the residents of Dayton, TN with their various legal needs

In addition to personal injury representation, the skilled Dayton workers’ compensation lawyers of Wagner & Wagner also provide legal expertise in other practice areas, including but not limited to:  

  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Construction and industrial accidents
  • Serious long-term effects of workplace injuries
  • Probate administration
  • Wills
  • Business and commercial law
  • Bankruptcy law

Where is the Dayton City Court?

The Dayton City Court is located at 399 1st Avenue, Dayton, TN. You can reach the court clerk by dialing (423) 775-1817 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

How far is Dayton, TN from Chattanooga?

Dayton is not far from the Wagner & Wagner law office. Located about 35 miles northeast of Chattanooga, you can reach our office in less than an hour.

Trusted personal attorneys serving the people of Dayton and beyond

The residents of Dayton, TN have a viable alternative to inaccessible law firms that fail to put their interests first. When you call Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law, you speak to an attorney who is ready to fight for your best interests. Call us today at 423-756-7923 or complete our contact form.