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Which Serious Brain Injuries Are Caused by Vehicle Accidents?

Which Serious Brain Injuries Are Caused by Vehicle Accidents?Traumatic brain injuries are extremely serious and can alter a person’s life in many ways. They can lead to numerous complications, including nerve damage, strokes, seizures, strokes, infections, and blood clots.

Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. When a person is involved in a vehicle crash, they will likely experience sudden and forceful bumps, strikes, jolts, and blows to the head, which can severely damage the delicate cells and tissues within the brain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle accidents – truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents, among other types of vehicles – are a common way for an individual to sustain a traumatic brain injury. No matter which type of motor vehicle crash you were involved in, or if it was caused while on the job, visit your local Chattanooga emergency room or primary care doctor to ensure that you do not have a traumatic brain injury. If traumatic brain injuries are undetected or left untreated, serious complications can arise, including paralysis, coma, or even death.

Here are six serious brain injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents:

  1. Concussions: Concussions often result from abrupt and forceful impacts. Symptoms of concussion include headache, memory loss, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. Although concussions are usually temporary, they can cause permanent brain damage if not treated or monitored correctly. Some people pass out or lose consciousness when they have a concussion, but it is important to know that not everyone experiences these symptoms.
  2. Contusions: A contusion, or bruise on the brain in the area the head was struck should be taken extremely seriously as it may cause severe swelling and bleeding inside the brain.
  3. Penetrating brain injury: A penetrating brain injury frequently accompanies a skull fracture –  a break or crack in the skull. If you are in a motor vehicle accident and a sharp object within the vehicle goes through your skull and pierces your brain, you most likely have a penetrating brain injury that can cause severe bleeding and loss of brain function.
  4. Diffuse axonal injury: If your head moves rapidly during a motor vehicle accident, you may sustain a diffuse axonal injury. When this happens, your brain will quickly shift, turn, and twist inside the skull, causing the fibers or axons to become sheared or torn. Diffuse axonal injuries are one of the most serious brain injuries because they often result in long-term coma or death.
  5. Coup-contrecoup brain injury: Coup-contrecoup brain injuries occur when a person has two different injury sites on the brain. For example, during a motor vehicle crash, an individual may strike their forehead on the dashboard, causing the initial injury called the “coup.” However, due to the impact of the crash and the dashboard head strike, the brain may quickly slide backward, slamming into the back of the skull. This will cause the second injury site, the “contrecoup.” You must have both injuries to be diagnosed with a coup-contrecoup brain injury. The symptoms and side effects can be serious because the brain must recover in two different areas simultaneously.
  6. Hematomas: Brain hematomas are collections of blood or blood clots that have formed on the outside of the brain, between the brain and the dura, or on the inside of the brain. Most of the time, hematomas develop due to some type of accident, such as a motor vehicle accident, which causes your head to become injured. These types of hematomas have their own names, which include the subdural hematoma (blood clots between the brain and the dura), intracranial hematoma (blood clots inside the brain), and epidural hematoma (blood clots on the outside of the brain). While hematomas may be able to heal on their own with time, it is common for doctors to suggest surgery to remove or drain them.

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious brain injury due to a motor vehicle accident, seeking legal representation promptly is crucial. At Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law, our experienced Chattanooga traumatic brain injury lawyers are equipped to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate these complex cases. Give us a call or submit our contact form to schedule a free consultation today. Our office is in Chattanooga, but we assist clients in Cleveland, TN and throughout North Georgia.