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What Caused the Most Harm to Tennessee Workers?

Were you injured on a Tennessee job site? Call us in Chattanooga for a free consultation.Many workers across Tennessee face hazardous and dangerous conditions every single day to ensure that their families have a roof over their heads and food on their tables. While this is honorable on their part, it puts them at risk of severe injuries and illnesses that have the ability to significantly impact their lives.

Find out what types of industries have caused the most harm to Tennessee workers with the help of a Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyer.

The most harmful industries in Tennessee based on nonfatal injuries and illnesses

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, Tennesseans faced injuries and illnesses in many different industries in 2022. Here are some of the industries with the highest number of nonfatal illnesses and injuries:

  • The private industry: Private industry employees typically work for small business-owners, non-government companies, or even large corporations. Therefore, the tasks and duties that these workers may be required to do vary. However, that does not mean that private industry workers do not face harmful situations and environments. The private industry in Tennessee experienced 55 nonfatal injuries or illnesses, which was the highest number of incidents in 2022. Around 33 of these workers employed in the private industry needed time off work, a job transfer, or restrictions due to their work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Service-providing industry: This is another industry in which the tasks and responsibilities can also vary significantly. For example, service-providing employees can work at banks, retail locations, wholesalers, and more. However, the general idea is that these workers provide some type of service to the community or people, which can be something like customer service, financing solutions, or even electronic or computer work. The service-providing industry experienced the second largest number of nonfatal injuries or illnesses in 2022, which was about 42. As a result of these incidents or illnesses, about 25 employees needed time off work, a job transfer, or restrictions.
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities industry: This group typically works jobs related to wholesale trade, retail trade, warehousing, truck driving, public transportation, train or bus operation, and more. Employees in these industries may also help customers with their electric power, natural gas, sewage removal, and water supply. The number of nonfatal injuries or illnesses that occurred in the trade, transportation, and utilities industry was about 18 in 2022, and 12 of these individuals needed time off, a job transfer, or restrictions.
  • Goods-producing industry: These jobs typically involve natural resources, mining, fishing, hunting, forestry, farming, oil and gas extraction, and more. There were about 14 nonfatal injuries and illnesses in the goods-producing industry in 2022. Of those 14 incidents, about 9 employees needed to take time off, a job transfer, or restrictions.
  • Education and health services industry: Education and health services workers work in colleges, schools, hospitals, social services locations, and nursing homes. They are typically employed in various roles, such as case managers, doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, teachers, professors, and more. In 2022, this industry reported 22 nonfatal injuries and illnesses, which resulted in 6 people needing time off work, a job transfer, or restrictions.
  • State and local government industry: The state and local government industry involves many different types of positions that serve the public. This can be any type of work, such as fundraising, management, public relations, architecture, engineering, maintenance, and more. As a whole, the state and local government industry had 12 nonfatal injuries and illnesses in 2022, which caused 6 individuals to need to be out of work, a job transfer, or work restrictions.
  • Manufacturing industry: Manufacturing workers are responsible for creating and developing new items and products. For example, a manufacturing worker may create clothes, shoes, furniture, car parts, and other products that you see or use every day. This type of work involves the use of machinery and tools, which can result in dangerous and deadly injuries. In 2022, there were about 11 recordable cases of nonfatal injuries or illnesses, which led to 7 employees missing work, needing job restrictions, or requesting a job transfer.
  • Leisure and hospitality industry: Those employed in the leisure and hospitality industry may have a variety of different jobs at hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, water parks, museums, and more. This type of industry reported 5 nonfatal injuries or illnesses, which resulted in 2 individuals needing time off work, job restrictions, or a job transfer.

It is important to keep in mind that this is only the reported data. Any unreported injuries or illnesses are not counted with these numbers, and unfortunately, since there are most likely a lot of unreported injuries and illnesses, true numbers are likely to be much higher.

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