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New Tool in Tennessee Aids the Filing of Workers’ Compensation ClaimsThe Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has released a brand-new tool that helps injured workers file their workers’ compensation. In a news release from the Bureau, the “WC Bot” was created in response to a study conducted that found completing the necessary forms to file a claim is a major roadblock to those seeking workers’ compensation after getting injured on the job.

If you work in Tennessee you will be able to access the tool, which was built in conjunction with the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services’ (TALS). Workers injured on the job can begin filing for workers’ compensation by speaking answers to questions found on the forms right into their smartphones. The app also provides access to videos, pamphlets, links, and blog posts about workers’ compensation. Once the form is completed, you can present it in any workers’ compensation court in Tennessee and it will be accepted.

Why a Tennessee workers’ compensation attorney is better than a tech bot

The new workers’ compensation tool can help you find resources about being injured on the job, which is great. However, it is always a smart decision to work with an experienced attorney instead of a tech bot when it comes to filing a claim for benefits. Even though the tool was created to benefit injured workers, it is not without its flaws.

For example, the bot could mishear what you say and incorrectly record information about the date of your injury or how it happened. The date of the accident is vital to your case, because you only have 15 days to report your injury to your supervisor, and only a year to request a hearing if there is an issue with your benefits. Making mistakes on the paperwork can delay your claim, which could time-bar you from collecting compensation.

When you work with an attorney you can get answers explained to you in-person and clearly. It can be easy to read through brochures, watch videos, and explore other websites, but it can still be difficult to understand all the regulations and laws about workers’ compensation. A Chattanooga workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand what the laws means, what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

Technology is not always guaranteed to work. If you suffer an injury on the job in a remote location, your phone might not have internet access, which is required to use the tool. A problem with the website might also caused the WC Bot to fail without warning while you are entering information, therefore losing your place. When you work with a workers’ compensation attorney, you don’t have to worry about him or her losing your file in the middle of the case.

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