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Many motorcycle riders understand the important part safety plays in preventing crashes on the road. Certain fairly common interactions between motorcyclists and drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks can be harrowing and dangerous for the motorcyclist. However, there are also some unusual reasons why motorcycle accidents occur at times.

Below are some of the stranger causes of motorcycle accidents.

Trash flying from other vehicles

Unfortunately, some motorists do not think twice about throwing trash out of the windows of their vehicles when driving at high speeds down the highway. Motorcycle riders can bear the brunt of flying debris coming from the windows of vehicles. This flying debris can cause a motorcyclist to take quick evasive measures that can lead to an accident or the motorcyclist can simply absorb the impact from this flying debris, causing a crash.

Grass clippings

Motorcyclists need to remain cautious when driving over areas that appear to have significant amounts of grass clippings. These clippings can reduce wheel traction and act almost like a sheet of ice for a motorcycle. The reaction of a motorcyclist to these slippery grass clippings can also end up causing an accident. The motorcyclist may attempt to switch lanes quickly or even crossover double yellow line to avoid this hazard, creating another potential dangerous scenario.

Other debris on roadways

Debris on the roadway can cause hazardous obstacles for motorcycle riders. Violent weather can accumulate this debris, such as falling tree branches and leaves, in addition to rocks, stones, and pebbles.

Deer in the road

If you are enjoying a motorcycle ride at dusk, it is important to watch out for deer and other wildlife, especially at dawn or in the evening. Deer can jump out the side of the road at a moment’s notice and a collision with one of these creatures can cause major injury or even death. There may be no legal recourse for you if you are injured by a deer, though swerving to hit someone’s loose pet could be another story.

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