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Archive for October 2018

Probate in Tennessee: Frequently Asked Questions

As trusted probate attorneys, our clients often have questions about the wills, estate, and probate process. We’ve put together some of the most common questions with our answers right here for your convenience. What does the word “probate” mean? Probate is the act of proving a will. However, over time, it’s come to have a…

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What Does a Car Accident Reconstruction Expert Do?

In many car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases liability can be proved based on the testimony of witnesses, the police, the damage to the vehicles, and photographs of the accident site. In some cases, though, it’s not clear who caused the accident and how the accident happened. If liability can’t be determined, then an experienced…

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Workers’ Compensation and the Nursing Profession

While workers in construction, law enforcement, firefighting, and manufacturing suffer the bulk of workplace accidents; nurses too suffer a large proportion of workplace injuries. Nursing requires a great amount of manual labor. Nurses are at constant right of communicable diseases and infections. Nurses have just as much right to demand workers’ compensation as any other…

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