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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Jun 12, 2018

How Does Intestate Succession Work in Tennessee?

By |June 12th, 2018|Probate|0 Comments

Wills are legal documents that direct how the Estate property of someone who died should be handled. Many assets, such as jointly held property, life insurance proceeds, and property that belongs to a trust, may not pass through the decedent’s Estate at all. Wills pertain to both the property that does pass through the Estate and that which technically passes outside the estate like real estate which is willed to certain heirs. They may dictate which family members, friends, and others should get specific items of property. Intestate succession is the [...]

Jun 5, 2018

Am I Required to Accept a Light Duty Work Assignment on Workers’ Compensation?

By |June 5th, 2018|Workers Compensation|0 Comments

If you were injured on the job, reported the accident to your employer, received the medical attention you needed, and are now approaching the end of your convalescence, there may be the option to take on light duty work as your condition improves. Light duty assignments can serve a few purposes. For the employer, assigning an employee who has been out on workers' compensation light duty work can reduce their costs, but the employer is not required to do so. For the employee, light duty work allows them to be productive [...]

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